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i Candelai in Palermo since 1996


i Candelai in Palermo since 1996

Wine Bar, Cocktail bar

“Candelai Fuori”, since 2018, the Vertical Garden of “i Candelai”

I Candelai“, located at 65 Via dei Candelai, in the heart of Palermo’s historic center, was born in 1996 with the aim of creating a space that is not only a meeting point for people but also a hub of ideas, a reference point, and a gathering place for anyone willing to propose and promote interesting and stimulating initiatives. The 1950s structure of the venue, with its marbles and plasters, carries great evocative power, making it a vintage venue par excellence.
The spacious ground-floor hall and the diversified spaces on the first floor have allowed the creation of a multifunctional center, suitable for exhibitions, conferences, concerts, performances, video screenings, happenings, and much more. This space is equipped with a room equipped with state-of-the-art audio-light system, a stage, and a covered outdoor area that serves as a winter garden, ideal for organizing aperitifs, brunches, private parties, and other activities.
“I Candelai” aim primarily to promote and produce a wide range of cultural and musical activities with particular attention to enhancing local resources: often, the events organized both inside the social headquarters and outside, feature internationally renowned artists alongside the best local talents of the moment.

Creativity and Sustainability: I Candelai and Its Unique Layout

Since its inception, I Candelai has been distinguished by its uniqueness and originality in layout. Thirty years ago, it embraced the importance of recycling and showcasing designer items, giving them a second life.

I Candelai, Continuous Innovation and Unique Atmosphere Over Time

Throughout the years, the club has undergone constant updates in design, always maintaining a spirit of originality and reuse. In recent years, even the outdoor area has been renovated, giving life to the "Fuori Candelai" area, a charming winter garden with hydroponic green walls, where guests can relax at tables and enjoy cocktails in a unique atmosphere. This space is air-conditioned to ensure comfort in any season and is perfectly suited for hosting private events, offering guests the opportunity to unwind at tables and enjoy cocktails in a unique atmosphere.

Sonic and Visual Excellence Keeping Pace with the Times

But attention to detail doesn’t stop at the furnishings. The club’s sound system and lighting system have also been consistently updated, always maintaining a level of innovation and quality that’s cutting-edge for Palermo.

Point of Reference for Innovation, Culture, Creativity, and Sustainability in Palermo’s Nightlife

With its history of innovation, culture, creativity, and commitment to sustainability, Club I Candelai remains a beacon for underground culture enthusiasts and those seeking a unique and memorable experience in Palermo’s vibrant nightlife.

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