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Opportunities for celebration certainly abound, each deserving to be commemorated in the manner you deem most fitting and within the context that best reflects your style and desires. Hosting a private party in Palermo is, above all, an alternative way to spend an evening with friends. The Candelai, besides being a perfect venue for celebrations, also offer the opportunity to indulge your guests’ palates. Equipped with high-quality cuisine, we can provide delicious dishes and appetizers to make your party even more special. You can choose to host a disco event or one with live music; our club is set up to accommodate both types of parties. A private party in Palermo is a great opportunity to gather with friends.
The Candelai represent a perfect combination; all the elements are there: the desire to celebrate, a magnificent city, an exclusive venue. We will leave nothing to chance and will take care of every detail. Contact us; organizing a private party in Palermo has never been easier!

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