Contemporary Theatre

i Candelai in Palermo since 1996

Standup Comedy

i Candelai in Palermo since 1996

Theatre School

i Candelai in Palermo since 1996

Over the years, The Candelai has paid special attention to theatrical activities, investing in and providing opportunities for young actors, directors, and dancers who often struggle to find spaces to perform and, most importantly, rehearse.
Prominent Palermo-based artists such as Davide Enia, Domenico Bravo, Emma Dante, Sabrina Petyx, Giuseppe Cutino, Alessandra Fazzino, Paola Cassarà, Sandro Dieli, and others have found hospitality here, enabling them to interact with artistic communities from other cities such as Compagnia Melisma (Salerno), Teatro di Fuori (Catania), Compagnia Babbaluck (Naples), Francois Chat (Paris), Emma Scialfa (Catania), Sayoko Onischi (Japan), Cinzia Scordia (Catania), Compagnia DWA DansWerkplaats (Amsterdam), Fortebraccio Teatro (Rome), and more.
More recently, space has been dedicated to the genre of Stand-up Comedy, a form of entertainment where a comedian performs “standing up” in front of an audience, typically engaging directly with them.
The venue is also suitable for afternoon workshops and dance rehearsals.

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